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We caught you guys at Idol on Friday night and had a great time! Real good mix of old and new country and played/sung very well! I'll keep an eye and ear open for you guys and pass the Diamond Ridge  word!



Blue Moonshine

We had SUCH a great time hangin out and dancing to one of our favorite bands, Diamond Ridge , at Twin Oaks Saturday night. We can't wait to hang out more!


Kick'n Country Girls


Excellent Country Band!

We had Diamond Ridge at our company Christmas Party in December of 2015...they were a huge hit! From the time they started, they had EVERYONE out dancing, singing, clapping and having a great time. They were very easy to work with, showed up early to setup and even stayed a little later because our group was having so much fun. I plan on hiring them again for an event in May. Highly recommend this group, lots of energy and lots of fun.

Bethany Doss
Capital Lumber

Whoooooaaaaaa WHAT A SHOW !!!!!!!! Not only did Diamond Ridge bring the hot new tunes but a lot of entertainment for the eyes and dancefloor as well !! Great new light show on the floor and inside of the bass drum...WHAAAAT????#....too cool. Was ne'ery a sittin' tushy or an unbusy foot last night. Gatorz Stompin good time was had by all !! (Even Judy stayed late and enjoyed it....highly unusual). LOL. Many, many open expressions of compliments from the crowd for the new Diamond Ridge show. They obviously listened to their fans wishes and are just flat-ass BRINGIN' IT Y'ALL !!!! We are all lucky enough to have them next weekend as come on down and get your Diamond Ridge Stomp on !! Thanks guys for a kickinn it up yet ANOTHER notch...What's next LOL? 



Judy's Wild Wrangler

You guys kick ass @ judys!!!



Talk about "shivering the timbers". The Diamond Ridge Band just about shook the house down last Saturday night !!!! What a challenge to keep up with the wild crowd that night. I don't know how they do it !! More new tunes yet !! Rocked it so hard that no one wanted them to stop....and the crowd, they didn't want to leave !!!! We were one really wore out bunch of employees !!!! Diamond Ridge was kickin' ass....pointin' fingers....and takin' names. Man, they aim to please, they listen to their fans and does it ever show. Don't miss their next show. You ain't seen a show 'til you've been on the business end of Diamond Ridge !!



Judy's Wild Wrangler

Saw you tonight in Martinez! Great job! Hope to see you around more and enjoy your music!


Jayne in Martinez

WOW last night was so much fun, the cruise-in and the Farmer's Market were awesome. Diamond Ridge music had the entire street dancing to some favorite country tunes and our town was full of love!


Roxx on the Main, Martinez

 I was at the BBQ at Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club as a guest of one of the homes in which I do the garden work for.  I had heard of your band, but never heard you perform.  From one musician to another, all I can say,  is WOW!!! 



Santa Rosa

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